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Gold for KEIM

In Germany's largest industry survey conducted by Heinze Verlag, around 1,800 participating architects and planners once again rated the manufacturers in the construction industry, their offerings and solutions in 24 product categories. The "architects' favourite" in the "healthy building" category is KEIMFARBEN. We received the gold award for this at a festive event on 09 November 2021 in Celle. In the category "Paints and Varnishes", our company also received a bronze award. 

"The award makes us proud and happy," said Thomas Niedermayr, our Sales Manager for Germany and Austria, who accepted the prize. "It shows that sustainability and healthy living are no longer predominantly associated with "typical" building materials, but that the topic of colour has gained a different perception among architects and planners."

This once again confirms our corporate and product philosophy. Mineral paints from KEIM have always contained only components that are harmless to both human health and the environment. In 1983, KEIM launched the world's first healthy indoor paint and to this day our silicate paints are the only facade paints in Europe with natureplus certification. 

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