The mineral paint for every substrate
The new generation of silicate paints makes the universal use of organic facade substrates possible.

A revolution in silicate technology

Taking advantage of the benefits offered by silicate paints – extremely long service life, absolute lightfastness, UV resistance and a clean surface – for your own facade no longer means relying on mineral substrates or material and labour-intensive bonding bridges. A stabilised combination of silica sol and water glass as a binding agent achieves completely new properties, with which you can also directly, simply and siliceously paint organic substrates.

Mineral paint on organic substrates – what are the benefits?

The use of sol-silicate paint protects the old substrate from further destruction due to UV exposure, and creates an absolutely lightfast and colour-stable surface. A reduced amount of condensation also ensures a reduction in the algal growth risk. Enjoy your new, colour-stable and clean facade for a long time to come!


In 1878, A.W. Keim successfully formulated the first pure silicate paint. The second generation of silicate paints is mono-constituent and represents a new product class, the silicate emulsion paints. A new milestone was achieved in silicate technology with the advent of sol-silicate paint. The so-called third generation is based on a new siliceous binding-agent technology that also enables the universal application of old organic substrates.


KEIM Soldalit is the first silicate paint that combines the versatility of dispersion-bound paints with the mineral quality features of classic silicate paint. UV-stable and lightfast, resistant to environmental influences, highly water-repellent, weather resistant, inflammable and open to diffusion.

Discover the silicate products' unique characteristics for yourself!

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