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Childcare centre β€žSonnenscheinβ€œ

The facades of kindergartens are usually eye-catchers: they often draw attention to themselves in a cheerful and colourful way - Sometimes the kindergarten facade already gives an indication of the concept of the institution from the outside. This is also the case with the Kindergarten "Sunshine" in southern Germany, whose facade is designed in different ways with wood.

eurokindergarten GmbH
City of Pfullendorf
eurokindergarten GmbH
Pfullendorf, Germany
  • Lignosil-Color

Wood for the facades

According to Managing Director Martina Knorr, the hobbyhorse of Eurokindergarten GmbH from Warthausen, which specialises in building kindergartens, is ecological and climate-neutral construction. The "Sonnenschein" day-care centre in Pfullendorf, Baden-WΓΌrttemberg, was also built under this heading. Here, wood plays a major role: "The wooden frame is filled with cellulose insulation and completed on the outside with Fermacell gypsum fibre boards, wooden cladding or a partially plastered wooden facade. The wooden boarding was already painted in the factory, so that it could then be re-erected wall by wall on the construction site," Martina Knorr explains.

Adequately paintedΒ 

The maintenance of the wooden facade was a big topic in the Pfullendorf municipal council. Martina Knorr remembers: "The prevailing opinion was that wood was very high-maintenance. The stability of the exterior façade had to be guaranteed. We had good experience with KEIMFARBEN products and therefore, after pre-treatment in the factory, had the wooden profiles coated with KEIM Lignosil-Color, a mineral composite coating for weather protection of wood from Keimfarben." With KEIM Lignosil-Color, maintenance intervals are possible that are equal to those of a plaster facade. Another advantage is that those responsible decided on screwed boarding, which means that in the event of damage, it is possible to remove and repair each board individually.

Harmonious in itself

The colours of the wooden elements were deliberately chosen by those responsible in Pfullendorf: They give the children a sense of security when they leave their familiar home. What the facade promises from the outside, namely a well thought-out concept that focuses on the children's well-being and their point of view, and sustainability, can also be seen on the inside. The energy to run a heat pump comes from a photovoltaic system and an ice storage tank.

"We don't need energy from combustion," says Martina Knorr. The mineral paint KEIM Innotop-Grob from KEIMFARBEN - matching the oiled oak parquet in white - was used as the paint for the interior, which does not release any odours. In the bedrooms, Swiss stone pine is installed, a type of wood with an intense smell that has a stress-reducing effect and reduces the heartbeat. And also in the outdoor area, the playground equipment is made of natural robinia wood.


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Colourful or simple?Β 

"I have a house, a colourful house..." trilled Pippi Longstocking. She would certainly have enjoyed the colourful facade of the new kindergarten in Pfullendorf. Because the building draws attention to itself with colourful wooden profiles on the facade and makes it clear from afar that it is a kindergarten.

"We received sample pieces as well as sample colours from the KEIMFARBEN company and the woodworker reproduced the facade in the right size. The rear part of the building stands out visually from the colourful facade with its white plaster facade. The entrance area also contrasts with the colourful wood with its white plastering. The horizontally installed wooden profiles are painted in the rainbow colours red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple in combination with brown."

And the feedback is also good: "We have received feedback from residents that the building looks as if it has always stood there. This is certainly due to the white plaster facade and the brown elements, which make the facade look more discreet," says Martina Knorr from the Eurokindergarten.

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