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Products of the company Klimasan Perlit GmbH.

Klimasan-I/W Thermal insulation plaster

Klimasan I/W is a purely mineral thermal insulation plaster based on perlite and can be used indoors and outdoors. The plaster protects and insulates the building, is free of biocides and fungicides and thus has no outgassing of volatile organic compounds (VOC). It thus ensures a pleasant and healthy indoor climate.

(Note: This product is only available in Switzerland)

Klimasan Antik

Klimasan Antik is a purely mineral, thick-layered (8-10 mm) lime finishing plaster based on historical models which can be used indoors and outdoors and serves as a slightly water-repellent smooth plaster for thermal insulation plasters. Klimasan Antik is a dry mortar of the mortar group CSI in accordance with EN998-1. It is made of selected quartz sands (max. 1 mm) and pure mineral binders (i.e. hydrated lime).

Colour shade
natural white
Type of containerContainer contentUnit of measureQuantity on pallet
Klimasan Antik
Klimasan-I/W WΓ€rmedΓ€mmputz

The pure mineral thermal insulation plaster can be used indoors and outdoors and creates a healthy indoor climate with a natural moisture balance. The high proportion of perlite as a lightweight aggregate makes the plaster unique. Perlite is a volcanic rock, which has a high water absorption in its expanded state, furthermore it is very light and fire resistant.

Colour shade
trowel, filler knife, rendering machine, power stirrer
Klimasan-I/W WΓ€rmedΓ€mmputz
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