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News | 07.03.2022

The first 2in1 coating for facades: KEIM Twinstar

Two topics have been dominating the construction industry for some time: the search for qualified employees and the trend towards sustainability. With the new innovative functional coating KEIM Twinstar, KEIM has succeeded in developing a product that combines solutions for both. The sol-silicate-based facade paint perfectly combines high efficiency in application with a biocide-free formulation for clean facades and sustainable climate protection.

More efficiency

Thanks to the ideal application consistency and optimum drying properties, the primer and top coat can be applied very rationally wet-on-wet in one work step without intermediate drying time. With KEIM Twinstar it is possible to save up to 3 minutes of labour per square metre of facade surface. With a container of 18 kilograms with a coverage of approx. 40 square metres, this is a time saving of 2 hours. The thus accelerated construction process also means shorter scaffolding downtimes and an increase in capacity for craftsmen, because more orders can be realised with the same number of skilled workers.  

Sustainable facade protection

The innovative product formulation protects against algae and fungi - and this without the addition of biocides.  The facade paint is specially formulated to meet the requirements for high water repellency and fast re-drying. The innovative filler combination completely dispenses with biogenic substances and also creates an ultra-fine, compact surface. Like all mineral products from KEIM, KEIM Twinstar stands for optimum building physics and unrivalled colour consistency (20-year colour guarantee), is antistatic and non-combustible - for clean and beautiful facades in the long term. KEIM Twinstar has been certified with the "natureplus" environmental seal and is produced using 100% green electricity.

Universally applicable on all common substrates, KEIM Twinstar is suitable for both new and renovation coats on load-bearing old coatings or intact ETICS surfaces. The colour spectrum includes light to medium shades. The new, innovative faรงade paint can also be tinted according to all common colour collections via the "KEIM Lokale Farbwerkstatt" in Germany and Austria.

Optimal in processing - safe in application: KEIM Twinstar is the perfect functional coating for sustainable, biocide-free faรงade protection and maximum efficiency. 

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