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KEIM Dolomitspachtel

KEIM Dolomitspachtel
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Ready-to-use, multi-purpose, mineral-based filler composition for interior use (organic content < 3%). The use of white dolomite marble as extender ensures maximum filling power and particularly straightforward processing.

Application Crack Filling, Decorative Painting/Coating, Historic Restoration & Preservation, Painting/Coating Interior, Surface Equalization
Consumption Approx. 1.8 kg/m2 for surface filling with 1 mm layer
Packaging Plastic Bucket
Sizes 18kg, 8kg
Usage KEIM Dolomitspachtel is designed as a full cover filler,
for example on render or concrete as well for touchingup
defects or for filling joints in wall coverings and
building board. When filling joints in plasterboard,
reinforcing strips of paper should be embedded. KEIM
Dolomitspachtel may be used on mineral, organic and
mixed substrates on wall and ceiling surfaces.
Dolomitspachtel-TDS  (Technical Data Sheet, PDF, 59 KB)
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