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KEIM Mineral Coatings of America, Inc.
10615 Texland Blvd # 600
Charlotte, North Carolina 28273
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Interior Paint/Coating Products

From upscale living spaces to the front office and even tough industrial applications KEIM has the interior coating for your project. Like KEIM’s unique photocatalytic, self-cleaning, mineral silicate paint system and the Silica Sol designer paint & coating system.

Long lasting mineral Interior Paint/coating system that has self-cleaning properties to help maintain a healthy indoor environment. Ecosil-ME is recommended for schools, hospitals, hotels, gyms, heavy industrial workplaces, and public spaces. (Will not burn)
KEIM Innotop is a ready-to-use sol-silicate interior paint with exceptional hiding power, very low VOCs manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 13 300 (also complies with DIN 18 363, 2.4.1 silicate emulsion paint). KEIM InnoTop is suitable for all interior walls and ceiling surfaces, excellent for all commercial and residential applications.
A Silica Sol interior mineral paint/coating products for professional decorators, front offices, and upscale living spaces.
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