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Welcome to the KEIM project gallery

KEIM's broad area of application for the protection and beautification of interior and exterior mineral surfaces extends across the Americas and throughout the world. 

Historic monuments and national treasures benefit from KEIM.  Landmark structures are preserved in their original glory for generations to enjoy, safe from weathering conditions in the most extreme climates.

The Jupiter Lighthouse in Florida, first coated in 1910, is believed to be the earliest identified KEIM project in America.  Renovated in 2000-2002, KEIM continues to protect this landmark from heavy coastal weather in the most natural way while preserving its historic appearance and heritage.

The artist, whose painted expressions captivate the imagination or strike emotional chords, relies on KEIM's mineral pigments to retain his artistic intent.  Artisans rebuild the work of our elders with KEIM mortars and stone restoration materials for repairs that remain unseen even when wet from rain, faithful to their original design.  And publically funded projects save taxpayers thousands in recoating and maintenance costs over time while bolstering civic pride.

With our pleasure, please enjoy browsing our Project Gallery.  If you have a KEIM project not listed, please tell us.  We would like to see your project here.

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